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Activities & Summer camp


We provide Care and activities that put the needs and safety of children first.

Our activities are interesting, educational, stimulating and fun and promote each child’s social, physical, moral and intellectual development. We use a variety of facilities and equipment under safe and supervised conditions.

Families are welcomed to participate in several activities created and implemented through the educational program creating a space of exchange. Minitoes encourages families to attend all children gathering and celebrations throughout the year. Members of the families are also invited to share with their child’s class and teacher stories, meals…

Minitoes organizes summer camps during July and August  for children (2 yrs to 7 yrs).

For 7 consecutive weeks, children shall have the opportunity to choose and become involved in learning  activities with qualified monitors.

These activities shall include:

  • manipulation of different materials, objects and textures;
  • dramatic play activities;
  • creative arts activities;
  • large muscle activities;
  • Culinary arts activities;
  • participation in discussions and simple games;
  • exposure to literature;
  • participation in music;
  • science experiences;
  • Fieldtrips: Outings to leisure clubs (swimming… ) and short trips to discover new places (factories, kids playground, forests…)


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